Honda Civic Black Eyed Peas Tour

Nice concert outfit, Fergie. Not even gonna comment on the name down the side of the pants. But a SWEATSUIT on stage with the hot lights and the moving of her humps and everything? We already know she has a sweating (and peeing) problem. Also, it looks like she's going to trip over her obscenely long pants.

Pink's London Photo Shoot

I think she looks AWESOME in all of these. They were shot in the UK to promote her new album due in April, titled I'm Not Dead.

Queer Eye to Kick Off New Season in Las Vegas

Here's a pic of the Queer Eye gang in Las Vegas attending a press conference at Caesar's Palace for their new season of the popular Bravo reality show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Three episodes will be shot in Las Vegas, at Caesar's and other locations, for the beginning of the new season, which will start in June.

What (and Who) is Paris Doing?

So I guess Paris and Paris aren't exclusive yet, like everyone (including myself) has been reporting.The Scoop says that the Paris of the Hilton variety has been spotted canoodling with Simon Rex, Matt Leinhart, and, more seriously, Benjamin McKenzie of The O.C..

Please, please not Ben. *tear* He'll soon be tainted goods and I'll never be able to look at him in the same way again.

BUT WAIT...these March 22 photos show Paris back with her reported recent ex, Stavros Niarchos. What gives?


Does Kevin Knew About This?

Nicky Hilton out with Mischa Barton's ex Brandon Davis for lunch at La Scala in California. What happened to Kevin Connolly? Although I'm sure they're just friends. I guess Brandon's dated Paris, too, so Nicky probably has known him for a while.

New Simple Life 4 Candids

Spark explains the following images:

Paris Hilton spent the afternoon tearing up a garden in suburban Los Angeles and blowing grass all over the street, while filming an episode of the Simple Life. The hotel heiress had to be shown how to start the mower and was left to her own devices as she tore off down a residential street. She plowed through a flower bed and drove no-handed stopping only to look in her make-up mirror. After completing her mowing chores she was given a leaf blower and proceeded to get her dress stuck in the blower after blowing bubbles from an over-flowing washing machine over the lawn.
Oh, these crack me up.


Pink Promotes Her New CD

Maybe she thought she'd sell more CDs if she let the audience look up her skirt.

Two Things About Paris' New Car...

1. She can't get out of it

2. It has very small trunk space

Gisele is Hot

Here she is promoting Vogue's new line of sunglasses. No wonder she is the highest paid supermodel in the world.

New Movie Stills

Keanu's upcoming movie, A Scanner Darkly, looks awesome. It's directed by Richad Linklatter, who did Waking Life, and this movie seems to have a similar animation style. I can't wait for it.

Two scenes from the hotly anticipated Sienna Miller - Hayden Christensen vehicle Factory Girl, about Edie Sedgewick and Andy Warhol. Are Sienna and Hayden a couple or not? I keep seeing contradicting reports.

Celebs Out and About

I captioned all of them in case you can't recognize anyone without their makeup. Also 'cause I can't keep my mouth shut.

TomKat...most disturbing couple ever. Why is she always behind him?? Is that part of Scientology?

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody - cutest couple ever.

Michelle Williams

Prince...he wants to be called Prince again, right?

Mischa Barton. Girl has BAD posture.

A skinny Minnie Driver

Mira Sorvino has another baby on the way and she's already got her hands full now, yikes.

Melanie Griffith

Meg Ryan

Jodie Foster, also having wind problems

Marcia Cross

Kate Moss

Jake Gyllenhaal looking like the Unabomber...

...and his Brokeback buddy, Heath Ledger, looking hot.

Denise Richards and her adorable daughter Lola

Christian Bale, his wife, their baby, and an unidentified relative

Christina Aguilera getting into her Rolls. WHY does she always wear the fire-engine red lipstick? And now she's matching her accessories to it!

Elisha Cuthbert with two guys. The one in black is her rumored new boyfriend.

Angelina and her bump in Paris.

AAAAAAAAAND, last but not least...Bobby Brown.

Paris Hilton's Gaudy House

It's definitely overdone, but there are some aspects of it that I like. What do you think?

I can't believe she has a room for her freaking dog.

Naturally she has a huge portrait of herself. HATE the Fendi couch decor, yuck.

This is the kitchen before being redone. It's still being worked on. I actually like it how it is.