Tonya and Nancy: The Opera

A new opera by a Tufts student is attracting a lot of attention - which should come as no surprise, seeing as the incidident on which the performance is based will forever be remembered as one of the strangest occurences in ice skating history. "Tonya and Nancy," written by music student Abigail Al-Doory, turns the rivalry and drama between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan - oh, the knee whacking, the broken lace, the cries of "whyyy!?" - into a 40 minute operetta that will be performed tonight near Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "I really believe in the story. We're not just making fun of people. This isn't a parody," explains Al-Doory.
Nancy Kerrigan has said she was aware of the opera but was not planning to attend, explaining, "I lived it - what do I need to watch it for?" This sounds better than "Jerry Springer: The Opera." I remember watching the Olympics on TV and comparing this whole ordeal to a freak car accident - you couldn't look away!