It's Official: Everyone Hates Tom Cruise

From the Internet Movie Database:

"Tom Cruise has prompted a Californian politician to introduce legislation to ban the sale of ultrasound machines to anyone but licensed medical professionals. Last year, Cruise announced he had purchased a $200,000 ultrasound machine and admitted he performed sonograms on pregnant fiancee Katie Holmes "a lot." Assemblyman Ted Lieu believes the Mission: Impossible III star has gone too far and wants to prevent unqualified people from buying the machines for personal use. Lieu explains, "If someone sees Tom Cruise buy one, they think this is the thing to do." The assemblyman fears copycat fans might buy the ultrasound machines, which doctors say could harm the baby if used improperly. Doctors and technologists receive extensive training before they are qualified to perform ultrasound exams."

Why the hell are normal people (aka not doctors, not saying Tom is normal) allowed to buy ultrasound machines anyway?


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