Celebrity Weigh-Ins

Victoria Beckham looks healthier than she used to - not fat, of course, nowhere near - but she still looks great

How can Nicole Richie possibly be comfortable in that iron chair? It must be digging into her hip bones.

Jessica Simpson looks ginormous in this picture...

...it's a good thing she's leaving the gym in this photo.

Jessica Alba, celebrating her 25th birthday, looking amazing - she works hard to achieve that awesome figure, and in my opinion, it's sooo worth it!

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks huge in this photo - it could be the highly unflattering dress, but it seems like she's been putting on the pounds lately. Plus, what's with the "mom" haircut? Ugh!

Jennifer Garner, on the other hand, looks like she's been working hard at taking off that baby weight! It was slow to come off at first but now she really looks good here.

Another SUPER unflattering dress, because we've all seen Heidi Klum in the Victoria's Secret fashion show after her baby, and she looked great there. Here she just looks big in the hips, but you can tell it's the dress because her legs look amazing as always. Bleh, bad choice.