Brit Hires a Sitter...for K-Fed

According to In Touch, Britney Spears has fired one nanny and hired another - this time, though, for hubby Kevin Federline. That's right, she hired someone to babysit K-Fed while he promotes his new rap CD, featuring such gems as "Popozao" in the clubs. An insider told the magazine, "The last thing Britney
wants to do is accompany Kevin on all his club dates. That's why she hired a babysitter - a person who will keep kevin from misbehaving and report directly back to her." Apparently what - or who - sparked the decision was one of Brit's security personnel, an ex-CIA agent named Richard, who quit because he was sick of K-Fed's wild ways. Spears was able to coax him back when she promised to get someone to supervise her husband.

This is pathetic. If it's true, I feel sorry for Britney. I can understand why she wouldn't want to divorce Kevin right now - it would be such bad PR for her; at least being married provides some sense of stability to the public - but come on...she really needs to leave this creep.


At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is NOT nick carter you idiot!


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