Are Jen and Vince in Trouble?

From Star Magazine:

"The sexy spark between The Break-Up co-stars Jennifer Aniston, 37, and Vince Vaughn, 36, may have ignited during shooting of the comedic film last year in Chicago, but judging by the duo's behavior at the film's world premiere on Monday in Westwood, Calif., that spark has lost its sizzle — big time!

The first clue of trouble in paradise? Aniston, who looked stunning in a sleeveless, body-hugging creme striped knit dress, arrived at Mann Village Theater around 7:30 pm — solo! Vaughn, who wore a simple black suit and light blue shirt, arrived about 15 minutes later.

The second clue? On the red carpet, Vaughn stayed about ten steps behind Aniston at all times.

Towards the end of her stroll down the red carpet, Aniston — who's bracing for the impending birth of Angelina Jolie's baby with her ex-husband Brad Pitt — startled her publicist when she darted across Broxton Street to sign autographs for her fans. Jen spent quite a bit of time mingling with the crowd, to the point where her seemingly nervous minder was overheard saying, "We've got to get Jen inside before Vince gets down." Hmm...

Aniston then scooted inside the theater and, as if it was a well-orchestrated maneuver, Vaughn crossed Broxton Street to take his turn at working the crowd. The screening was delayed by fifteen minutes so that Vince could spend time with the fans."


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