New Candids

Cameron and JT at a New York Rangers game. Nice jacket, Justin...is that from your clothing line? Remind me not to buy anything from it.

Halle Berry and Giovanni Ribisi at the wrap party for their upcoming film "Perfect Strangers". Giovanni is not paying attention to Halle's advances at all...I thought he was straight. Guess not. Any straight man would be in ecstacy.

Tennis star Maria Sharapova at a promotional event for watchmaker Tag Heuer. Did she cut her hair? To quote Amy in Little Women, "But it was your best feature!"

Mischa Barton at a pet store looking at a cute little potential companion for her dog, Charlie. She didn't buy the pomeranian terrier, but she took a picture of it with her cell phone.

Mena Suvari after having lunch with a friend in LA. This girl needs another film project PRONTO.

Lindsay Lohan leaving LA restaurant Koi. Is it really cold in Los Angeles or something? Or does Lindsay just have a glove fetish?

Stephen Coletti, Kristin Cavallari, and Talan Torrierro from Laguna Beach promoting the Bongo line for Kohl's Department Stores. The three biggest fame whores of the cast, without a doubt...interesting look Stephen is rocking. Very Enrique Iglesias. Ugh.

Someone caption this photo. Stephen seems to be implying Kristin is a fatty. Either that, or she's got a bun in the oven. I don't know what Talan is saying.

Jessica Simpson with constant companion/hairstylist Ken Paves out to dinner at P.F. Chang's...

and with other constant companion, sister Trashlee, in Sydney, Australia.

Gavin Rossdale: "YES! I impregnated this woman!"
Gwen Stefani: "You're a dork."

Looks like Jennifer Garner still has some baby weight to lose.

Cindy Crawford and her daughter, with husband Rande Gerber behind her, at LAX airport. The kid's sunglasses are as big as her mother's.

Gorgeous Denise Richards at Koi in LA with a friend sporting ugly leopard print pants. Charlie Sheen is an idiot, whatever he did.

Pete Doherty putting something in his mouth as a substitute for his crack pipe. God, this guy is scary.


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