Kim Mathers Emails Star Magazine Her Side of the Story

Star Magazine sent a letter to Eminem's estranged wife asking why she believed he was divorcing her, as well as what she had to say to one of Em's friends, who claimed she was "spending money like crazy" and "hanging out with her girlfriends again." Here's what Kim wrote back to Star:

"I would just like to say that the reason my husband has filed for divorce still remains a mystery to me. The only thing I can tell you definitely is that Marshall has a problem being honest with me, himself, and many others. I have done nothing but try and try with him, and nothing is ever good enough. I wanted to seek out counseling, but as everyone around Marahall knows, he's perfect. It's everyone else that's fucked up. It's amazing he can talk as much shit about anyone he wants and people buy it, but the minute someone speaks on him, they are automatically lying or trying to make money off his name. Correct me if I am wrong, but I could swear my name is mentioned in quite a few songs that he has.
As far as spending his money, the only thing I over-indulge in is our children. The girlfriend that I went out with has been friends with me and my husband for 16 years, and I did come home that night because my girls called me and asked me to come get me because daddy was sleeping.
I really wanted our relationship to work this time. For me and my girls. It's terrible that it didn't, but I will manage to get through this. Me and my girls are very strong, and, unfortunately, they have already been through so much.
- Kim"


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