Jessica and Lindsay Catfight

Us Weekly, Defamer, and Egotastic! have put together the details of the Lindsay Lohan/Jessica Simpson catfight that is on the cover of this week's Us Weekly magazine. On April 6 in Los Angeles bar The Dime at about 1:30 AM, Jessica Simpson joined director Brett Ratner for a round of drinks when Lindsay Lohan entered and sat at a nearby table. After sending over a round of drinks to Ratner and Simpson, Lohan was upset when neither thanked her. According to an eyewitness source, Lindsay went off on Jessica, screaming,

"What's the matter? When your sister is around, you can talk shit about me, but now that Ashlee's not here, what are you going to do? Come on! I'm 19 and you're 25. Say something, you coward!"

At which point Jessica burst into tears and said she was too old for this drama and was so sick of all of it, blah, blah, blah. There are rumors circulating that Lindsay is dating Brett; this might have set her off when she saw Jessica with him. Who knows. Jessica's right; this is just like high school. Except with champagne.


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