Flockhart Admits Anorexia

Although her publicist denies it, The Mirror UK is saying that Calista Flockhart admitted in a recent interview that she had an eating disorder while she filmed popular FOX television show Ally McBeal. She revealed that hectic, long work schedules and the stress of being on the show made her stop eating, saying that her lowest weight was probably under 99 pounds. The Mirror quotes Flockhart as saying, "At the time of all that, I was seriously stressed. I was working 15 hour days on the set and then I was dealing with the end of the show, which was basically my life." The show ended in 2002, right around when Flockhart's weight was being most heavily scrutinized. She continues, "I started under-eating, over-exercising, pushing myself too hard and brutalizing my immune system. I guess I just didn't find time to eat...I am much more healthy these days." This comes on the heels of McBeal costar Portia DiRossi's recent confession that working on the show caused her issues with eating as well.


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