Celeb Candid Craziness! Pt. 2

Tori Spelling and fiancee Dean McDermott having lunch at Cipriani

Now I know why Paris Hilton loves her new car so much. She has to spread her legs to get in and out of it.

Haha, look who got a ticket.

Nicholas Cage and his wife leaving a sushi restaurant in LA.

Mischa Barton looks absolutely disgusted at the fact that Cisco is touching her.

Ryan Cabrera and girlfriend(?) leaving Mr. Chow. Dude needs to cut his hair. He looks like he's wearing a coonskin cap.

I spy a frown line on Liz Hurley's face!

Liv Tyler out and about in NYC.

I wonder what Lindsay Lohan bought at Hermes.

Jesse McCartney leaving Koi with his average looking girlfriend.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. So cute, he holds the door open for her.

Jesse Metcalfe at Mr Chow in LA. Look at blue coat girl's expression...priceless.

Jesse leaving Mr. Chow with a girl in an extremely short dress. I hope she didn't trip over the grass in those heels because you would definitely see everything she owns, as my grandmother would say.

What is Kirsten Dunst wearing? It's like she chooses the ugliest outfit possible so people will look at her.


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