Here's Brad Pitt sporting a new hairstyle while playing softball with Maddox in Namibia. Reportedly, this is where Angelina Jolie plans to give birth to the Brangelina baby. Last December, Angelina told press that she alone cuts Maddox' mohawk, so she probably cut Brad's as well.

Can I just say...(or ask) What in God's Name has happened to Brad Pitt? I know the answer is probably Angelina Jolie, but has she brainwashed him or something?? He looks like a hobo, and I never thought he was cruel enough to do all that to Jennifer (please, don't argue with me...a 40 page spread pretending to be married to Angelina in GQ is hardly kind). I don't know. Brad just isn't as cool and attractive to me as he used to be.


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