Young Hollywood Awards Countdown in LA

Shannon Elizabeth is not part of Young Hollywood anymore, I'm sorry. She should go on The Surreal Life or something.

Nicky Hilton. Blah.

Gorgeous Stacy Keibler. She needs to get out of wrestling pronto and go be a supermodel.

Maggie Grace...the chick that was on Lost but got killed off so now she's not in anything anymore? Ohh, rii-ght.

Jesse Metcalfe, looking like a bull. I just want to put a gold ring in his nose.

Frankie Muniz, his fiancee, Jamie, and her ugly cereal-bowl haircut.

Deborah Gibson really shouldn't be invited to anything anymore, especially anything to do with Young Hollywood.

Haylie Duff and her ugly fatass boyfriend.

No-talent "DJ" Samantha Ronson and a coked-up Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay looking snowed.