Speaking of Desperate Housewives...

...Bravo's new reality show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, is getting some excellent early reviews. Susan Stewart, writer for TV Guide calls the show "wildly entertaining". It premieres at 10:00/9:00 Central on Tuesday, March 21, after the season premiere of hair nut Jonathan Antin's series Blow Out.

Here's a pic of the cast and their descriptions:

(from L-R)

Vicki, 46, is the only housewife that has a job, running her own insurance agency. She also forces her son, a freshman in college, to get a job. "Am I a freak?" she asks, "I'd have no respect [for myself] if I didn't work." Actually Vicki, you sound like the only sane one in the bunch.

Jeana, 50, is married to former major league baseball pitcher Matt Keough, and is a big spender. She explains, "I'm materialistic because I once grew up with not a lot." Oh, okay, so that's logical.

Jo, 25, has a fiancee with the rich-yuppie name of Slade, which reminds me of a scene from Pretty in Pink. ("Blaine?!" wails Jon Cryer to Molly Ringwald, "His name is Blaine?!") "I don't know another 25 year old driving around in a Mercedes E500," Jo brats. "Slade takes me on shopping sprees and he'll drop $3,000 at a time." She sounds like a peach. I know $3,000 is considered a lot of money, but in the world of high fashion not really. That's like a Balenciaga bag. I can picture Slaaaaaade telling her, "You can pick out one special toy, now."

Lauri, 45, is the down-and-out one of the group. She's (of course) waiting for her divorce settlement but meanwhile works at Vicki's insurance agency and lives in a townhouse with her three kids. What does she miss most about having money? "Living in a gated community gave me such a sense of security." Lady, those gates are climbable. Your pools are swimable. I wouldn't be so sure a bunch of college brats - wait, what was I saying? I digress. Anyway, Lauri says, "I strive to be back."

Kimberly, 45, is a stay-at-home mom of two. I bet she's one of those annoying women that complains about how stressful her life is and how it's such hard work being a parent. Somehow, she manages to fit in regular Pilates, yoga, and tennis. Kimberly loves living the fabulous life, commenting, "When I lived in St. Louis, a woman's trip was going outlet shopping. In Coto de Caza, it's a bachelorette party in Palm Springs." Sounds like someone's movin' on up to the (west) sideeeeeeeeeeee...

Anyway, it looks entertaining. I'm gonna watch it.


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