Nick Lachey's Friend Talks to OK!

Nick Lachey's friends have come out in support of him, talking to OK! Magazine about his troubles. One friend denies allegations of any new flings since the breakup with wife Jessica Simpson, saying, "When you're in his position, all you have to do is be standing with a girl for two minutes and - bam! - there's something going on...There's nothing going on! He's not dating anybody!"

The friend also more specifically adresses the recent rumors that 32-year old Nick is dating 19-year old Kristin Cavallari, explaining that their recent "dinner" at LA restaurant Palomino was just a case of being at the same place at the same time. He adds, "Nick and his brother Drew were having dinner...She was at the bar, and after dinner they had a drink with her and her friends. She met some of the family, but it definitely wasn't, like, come meet the family."

As for that divorce settlement, the source says that Nick doesn't want it. He insists that it was the lawyers' idea, to cover all of the bases. "Nick has no intentions of getting support," he says.

Finally, on the rumors that Nick and Jessica are getting back together, Nick's friend says, "Based on where they both are, the ship has sailed on reconciliation...it's clearly sailed." He does, add, however, "It's obviously a difficult time, but you don't stop caring about the person you were married to for two or three years. He still cares about her; you just don't stop caring."


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i love nick lachey!

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