More Celebrities at Fashion Shows

Olivia Wilde at Elsie Katz

Anthony Kedis and Rebecca DeMornay (ah, Risky Business!) at Agent Provacateur

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman at Agent Provacateur

Cher at Agent Provacateur

Cher Again at Smashbox

Courtney Love and Kimberly Stewart (What? They're friends?) at Smashbox

Bijou Philips being her normal idiot self at Smashbox

Carmen Electra at Smashbox

Christina Aguilera at Smashbox. She really doesn't need any more makeup.

Mel B, aka "Scary Spice" at Smashbox...she's still scary.

Shannon Tweed, really nicely and fully clothed, at Smashbox

Janice Dickinson, resembling Jack Nicholson as The Joker, at Smashbox.


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