Maybe Now They'll Stop Giving Her Money

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The Internet Movie Database reports:

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling's parents have reportedly stopped talking to her after poking fun at her mother in a recent episode of her new show. Aaron Spelling and Candy Spelling were furious after watching their daughter's comedy series So NoTORIous, in which Tori allegedly parodies her mother's "eBay room." A friend tells gossip site PageSix.com, "There is a scene in the first episode of her new show, So NoTORIous, in which she makes fun of the eBay room in her parents' house. Her mother has a huge shopping problem and has a whole room dedicated to the stuff she buys on the site. When Candy saw the episode, she threatened Tori and said she was going to sue her." Spelling's spokesperson said on her behalf, "We take poetic license with everyone and every story line on the show." So NoTORIous premieres on VH1 on April 2.

All I can say is haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.