Kristin is Unemployed

Kristin Cavallari, co-host of UPN's inane reality series with bland Ethan Erickson is now out of a job. The network has pulled the low-rated show, which focused on the two "helping" to throw surprise parties for deserving ordinary people (why anyone would let Cavallari into their home is beyond me), after only two episodes. No one watched it. At all. Obviously, the hosts' job description was to stand around and be their pretty, slightly-famous selves while the party planners did the real work, which is boring to watch. Cavallari, of course, is the former star of MTV reality show Laguna Beach and recently posed in an anti-fur ad for PETA. Don't worry about Kristin, though, she'll be okay until her next C-list opportunity comes along...according to all the rags she's been hooking up with alimony-seeking single guy Nick Lachey.


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