Director Won't Do Dallas

Director Robert Luketic (of Legally Blonde fame), formerly slated to direct the upcoming remake of 80's TV smash Dallas, has quit the project because he is unhappy with some of the casting choices. Details on which ones have not been given, but just to refresh your memory, John Travolta will take on the role of J.R., Jennifer Lopez will play Sue Ellen, Shirley MacLaine has been signed for the role of Miss Ellie, and Luke Wilson has been confirmed as Bobby. Other names being tossed around for supporting roles include Jessica Simpson, Kristin Cavallari and Bill Murray. Frankly, I don't blame Luketic for leaving if the casting directors chose Kristen to be in this thing. Anyway, the main replacement being considered for the position of director is Betty Thomas, who has directed a real classic, the Eddie Murphy remake of Dr. Doolitle.

This is starting to sound like a real quality project.


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