Deborah Harry is a Frozen-Faced Bitch

Last night at the annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dinner in Los Angeles, Blondie was inducted, but not really. Only four of the original backup members and Deborah Harry got a trophy or got anywhere near the podium, and she made sure it stayed that way. Ex-members Nigel Harrison, Gary Valentine, and Frank Infante stood to the side while the current members made their speeches. Infante then asked Harry, "We'd really like to play with you, would that be alright?" to which good ol' Debbie replied, "Can't you see my band is playing?" Props to Infante, who responded, "We thought we were the band." YOU GOT SERVED DEBBIE HARRY! Sit down. Then she got booed by the audience. Serves her right. Stupid bitch looks like Estelle Getty. I don't see the "new" Blondie having any success. "Maria" sucked.


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