Celebs Out and About

I captioned all of them in case you can't recognize anyone without their makeup. Also 'cause I can't keep my mouth shut.

TomKat...most disturbing couple ever. Why is she always behind him?? Is that part of Scientology?

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody - cutest couple ever.

Michelle Williams

Prince...he wants to be called Prince again, right?

Mischa Barton. Girl has BAD posture.

A skinny Minnie Driver

Mira Sorvino has another baby on the way and she's already got her hands full now, yikes.

Melanie Griffith

Meg Ryan

Jodie Foster, also having wind problems

Marcia Cross

Kate Moss

Jake Gyllenhaal looking like the Unabomber...

...and his Brokeback buddy, Heath Ledger, looking hot.

Denise Richards and her adorable daughter Lola

Christian Bale, his wife, their baby, and an unidentified relative

Christina Aguilera getting into her Rolls. WHY does she always wear the fire-engine red lipstick? And now she's matching her accessories to it!

Elisha Cuthbert with two guys. The one in black is her rumored new boyfriend.

Angelina and her bump in Paris.

AAAAAAAAAND, last but not least...Bobby Brown.


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