Celebrity Weigh-Ins

Sophie Monk looks super-skinny. You can see her ribs. Judging from Date Movie, her boobs have shrunk, too. Does that mean they're real? Do implants shrink with weight loss?

Stacy Kiebler looking gorgeous as usual. I still think she was robbed on Dancing With the Stars.

Mariah recently expressed worry that her new "fit" shape has caused her to lose her curves, especially her butt. I wouldn't worry, Mariah.

For a while I didn't think Kirstie Alley had lost as much weight as she claimed, but now I see proof that Jenny Craig really works. Unless she's snorting coke or something.

...and here's someone who's snorted a lot of coke, Miss Courtney Love. She looks fabulous...I don't know what she's doing but I keep reading that she's really cleaned up, so bravo.


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