Hillary Duff's face looks freaking SCARY. Girl has lost too much weight.

Venus Williams forgot to put bottoms on. The people gawking at her should tell her, don't you think?

No, Natalie is not dating Dustin Hoffman. They're in Toronto preparing to shoot the upcoming film Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. So glad to see Portman's hair returning. I can totally see her with Audrey Hepburn's pixie cut for a while.

Madonna and daughter Lourdes heading to Kabbalah services.

Britney grocery shopping in Malibu. I really can't see her "bump" at all in this picture.

What the hell is she carrying her kid in? It looks like she's one of those teenage moms that wraps her baby in a garbage bag or something before throwing it in a dumpster.

Jessica by day...

...and by night. What a difference. Rumor has it she's dating Dane Cook, her co-star in the upcoming movie Employee of the Month.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has chunky legs.


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