C is for Cookie, Bitch

In Touch Weekly reports that Paris Hilton has sent Nicole Richie a sugar cookie on the set of The Simple Life. Sadly, no, she wasn't encouraging Nicole to eat something, as the cookie had the word 'Bitch' written in frosting on it. According to the tabloid, that was Paris' term of affection for her ex-best friend. This seems strange to me, because wouldn't that mean Paris was being nice, then? I guess it was meant to be dramatic and ironic, or something. Anyway, In Touch quotes a source as saying that Nicole was "a strong girl, and found a way to retaliate," breaking the cookie in half and sending one of the halves back to Miss Hilton.

Interesting. I would have just eaten it in front of her. Of course, Nicole can't do that. Well, she could, but then she'd have to run to her trailer and puke. And there's no guarantee that it would all come up, and we can't have that, can we?